Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Great Purge of 2010

Today I am purging my clothing closets. So far I have weeded
out about 40 bent and twisted hangers.
Who knew they took up so much space??
I have clothing from.... 20 years ago (out of style)
.... size 16 and up (I wear a 24)
.... jeans that used to be comfy
.... shoes that somehow shrunk
.... a dust bunny of epic size
(world record I'm sure)
.... belts (why? I don't wear belts)
.... t-shirts with stains (never wear)
.... gift items I would never pick
.... sparkly dress's from DD & DS
weddings (where could one wear
these ever again?)
How do you decide who stays and who goes? Right now
I am trying to convince myself that fit is the only
way to go. Realistically I will probably never lose
weight until I am too old to get to the refrigerator
or put in a home. But still, I cling to the mini-me
wanting to keep those clothes.
I am taking a break, hardening my heart and heading
back in there to kick some closet a$$ !!!!!

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